Musical Director

Cameron DuRieu

In May 2023 Cam took over the reins as Music Director. We are thrilled with the new energy, approach and positivity he has brought to AVU.

Coming from a very musical family, Cameron has been singing and performing for most of his life. His grandmother, Doris was a professional opera singer and his grandfather, Verdon was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to music and the community in 1992 - for conducting, composing and arranging.

Starting in primary school, Cam was drawn to choirs and musical groups, singing in a number of ensembles throughout his younger years.  In 2006, he and three friends from high school formed ‘The Fishbowl Boys’ and sang Barbershop style songs in 4 part harmony.  From 2006 to 2014, The Fishbowl Boys performed in all Australian States, Canada and twice in the USA. They recorded two CDs and had countless adventures throughout this time.

Having founded Adelaide Vocal Union in 2015, Cam is now in the Musical Director role to share his vocal and performance knowledge with the group. 

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