Adelaide Vocal Union Audition Process


When a new member looks at joining, it is the goal of the chorus to prepare them for a formal audition.
The audition will be a performance of their part within a quartet. The quartet will perform one of one of the current songs for the leadership team as well as demonstrating the chorus culture during the 4-week process.

Pre Entry

When a potential member expresses interest they will be given the sheet music and learning tracks to two current songs. For a member with minimal experience in the barbershop style, Polecats are recommended. If the potential member knows what part they sing, he will be asked to learn it. If the potential member does not know what part they sing, there will be a singing part placement prior to the first week.

Week 1

The potential member meets with a member of the leadership team to discuss the audition process and expectations. The new member joins in with warm-ups and stands with a singer of the same part on the risers. Sings as much as they are able at the first rehearsal.


During the week, the new member learns more of the material made available to them. At rehearsal they join in and are assisted by other members of their part. Post rehearsal they learn a tag and how the tagging process works.


Rehearsal as normal with the new member joining as they are able. After rehearsal, run through the audition song for next week with the quartet they will sing with.


Attend rehearsal as normal, but at the end they must perform an audition piece with a quartet.

What we're looking for in a new Member

  • Ability to sing in tune
  • Ability to hold part
  • Ability to perform their part independently
  • Ability to perform their part with a quartet
  • Ability to learn music quickly and accurately
  • Ability to perform to others
  • Be a team player
  • Bring new skills to the chorus Involve themselves with the chorus family
  • Embrace the chorus culture

Potential outcomes

  1. The potential member successfully performs their audition song and is welcomed into the chorus.
  2. The potential member displays talent and understanding of the style but suffers a performance error during the audition and they are invited back for a second attempt.
  3. 3) After four weeks the potential member has demonstrated a lack of ability and/or development in the style and is thanked for his time and interest but that Adelaide Vocal Union isn’t the singing group for him. In addition to passing their audition, the prospective member needs to affirm that they are in support of the chorus culture.
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